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Recruiting Solutions

Employees are the heart and lifeblood of a company. It is essential that when considering recruitment services, people are put first. Oberon’s Recruitment Solutions put the people at the centre of everything we do. From the most junior to senior roles, we can support all your recruitment requirements to help you find the people you need.

Executive search

Executive search

Over 10 years of finding the crème de la crème of talent

Global market dynamics

Global market dynamics

We stay up to date with organisational trends worldwide, ensuring only the best results

Professional understanding

Professional understanding

We go deeper to understand your needs, values, and ethos to truly find the best talent for your role

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What is Recruitment?

Our recruitment services offer more than just posting job adverts and filtering CVs. By working closely with your business to understand exactly what and who you are looking for, we ensure the candidates put forward are the best possible fit for your business. We are focused on representing the best possible candidates, identifying their skills, experience and values to facilitate long-standing professional relationships.

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How Do Recruitment Services Work?

Working closely with both your business and our candidates, we identify and put forward the best and brightest for your consideration. We offer far more than placing ads and pushing CVs.

Our services include:

  • Executive Searches for high-calibre candidates who may not actively be seeking roles
  • Working with an extensive established network of candidates across multiple job functions to find the top candidates
  • An in-depth understanding of market dynamics and global trends for organisational positioning
  • Professional advice on how to identify ideal candidates who match your role criteria
  • Gaining a deep understanding of your organisation’s values and culture to find the best fit for your business

Our Executive Search tool allows our team to reach out to the best of the best, identifying candidates who are not necessarily seeking new opportunities, but who are perfectly placed to take up more senior positions. We seek out and connect with individuals with the talent and vision to perfectly meet your needs.

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Why Choose Oberon?

With our reputation as a trusted ethical partner for organisations, we identify candidates who not only fill the role required but will also fit in with your company’s values and culture. Our specialist Executive Search allows us to find high calibre candidates who will add value to your senior team who traditional outsourced recruitment solutions would not have approached.

Through our people-first philosophy, we find the best candidates, making matches who will fit seamlessly into your business, meeting the role requirements while providing added value to your team dynamic and fitting your culture.

Contact us today to discuss how Oberon Recruitment Solutions can support your business to find your next superstar.

Why should you outsource Recruitment?

Recruitment is more than just posting job ads and sifting through CVs.

At Oberon, we get to know your company culture and values to identify people who fit more than just a role description. From the most junior to the most senior roles, we believe people are what makes your company special. We get to know both you and the candidates, ensuring the people you see are the best possible fit. Our services include a specialist Executive Search, allowing you to pull from a pool of the most talented individuals around who may not know that the perfect job for them is with you.

Get in contact today for a friendly chat or to discuss how Oberon Solutions can support you in your recruitment.