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Contractor Management Solutions

We streamline your resources by outsourcing specialised work to highly specialised third parties. Oberon’s sources let you hire contractors, mitigating the risk of falling short of ever-changing, complex legal requirements.

Specialised skilled labour

Specialised skilled labour

We have over 10 years experience across different sectors and have developed a network of skilled labour

Clearer Invoicing

Clearer Invoicing

We handle the invoicing rather than contractors to streamline workflows for both you and your contractors

Ongoing support

Ongoing support

Continuous expert support and accountability with ever-changing regulations

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What are Contractor Management Solutions?

With years of expertise and experience in Contract Management, we provide the very best in outsourcing work, ensuring full compliance with HMRC and IR35 Regulations. Our first Solutions focused on the Oil and Gas industry, however for over 10 years we have worked across different sectors, expanding our scope. We ensure all our Contractor Management Solutions remain up-to-date with all legislation and regulations.

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How Do Contractor Management Solutions Work?

Our Contractor Management Solutions are fully insured and regulated by the HMRC.

IR35 Regulations for “Off-Payroll” contractors recently changed, which has led to end-users being liable for determining the employment status of contractors. Our service removes the stresses these complexities bring to the management of your company. In acting as an employment intermediary, we deliver:

  • Face to face consultancy with clients and contractors
  • Full support with transition to dealing with Oberon as an intermediary
  • Provides full support on the occasion of changing regulations
  • Supports your team on ongoing work, easing the transition to outsourced contractor management
  • Ensures that all processes are fully compliant with IR35 regulations, maintain correct processes and procedures, and offer full advice to make sure contractors are fully compliant across the whole legislation
  • Provide invoices from Oberon rather than individual Contractors
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Why Should I Choose Oberon for Contractor Management Solutions?

With over 10 years of experience in providing Contractor Management Services across a range of industries, Oberon offers in-depth knowledge of the sector. Ensuring 100% compliance with all elements of legislation and requirements, we reassure all parties that all elements of the management are taken care of for both the Client and Contractor. Our full-circle service provides transparency and accountability within an ever-changing regulatory sector.

Get in touch to discuss how we can find the right people to fill your outsourcing needs.

Why should I outsource Contractor Management?

Our Contractor Management Solutions streamline your resources, finding you the best third parties for the work needed doing. We have years of experience in working across many industries, finding the right people to work with you. We ensure full compliance with HMRC and IR35 Regulations.

At Oberon Solutions we deliver a full-circle Contractor Management service that ensures reassurance to all parties; providing advice to both our Clients and our Contractors.

We focus on the people, not just the numbers!