Solutions for every employee touchpoint in your business.


We understand that there are many elements to running a business; the functionalities can be vast and at times can feel as infinitive as space! When creating Oberon Solutions, we wanted to provide companies with the assurance that our services have them covered from every angle - we put our clients at the centre, orbiting around them, just as the Oberon moon does in space.

Based in the scenic county of Hampshire, we are a fun and dynamic team all striving to provide the best business solutions to our clients across the United Kingdom. Always ensuring a professional approach, we have a unique ability to inject colour and personality into the essential business functions that are traditionally known as being complicated and strait-laced.

Through each of our business solutions, we provide 360-degree support from resourcing talent, onboarding new staff members, taking the headache out of payroll and pensions, writing staff handbooks and ensuring company compliance.

To deliver our business solutions, we have a team of qualified and experienced individuals, all equipped to work with in-house HR, Payroll and Recruitment teams or able to work directly with key stakeholders within a business.


George Reed

Founder and Director of Oberon Solutions

Coincidently, George thoroughly enjoyed studying Shakespeare's, "A Midsummer Night’s Dream", in which the plot starts with Oberon, King of the Fairies; although George is often described as gregarious, this is as far as the similarities between the two go.

George has a natural ability to build relationships and used this skill to establish his long-standing career in recruitment, specialising in headhunting, temp resourcing and candidate mapping in the Oil and Gas, Construction and Finance sectors, working across England and Northern Ireland.

Over the years working with clients, George identified that businesses often require further support in their business functionalities. Many companies need varying levels of support; however, all elements of employee management link in a circular format. George embarked upon creating a brand that puts a business at the centre point, orbiting around their business needs as the Oberon moon orbits in the solar system.