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Still not sure? Here's some of our most frequently asked questions.

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Do I have to return to the office post-Covid?

In the UK, we have been told we no longer have to work from home. Many companies, however, are embracing hybrid work styles. This offers increased flexibility, letting workers keep on working from home some days and in the office others. Businesses have seen that there are benefits to working remotely, from productivity, mental health and profitability standpoints. Technology has made remote working a lot easier, letting people access work systems from anywhere they like.

Some companies, especially those where specialist equipment is not readily available in the home environment, however, are requesting workers to return in order to maximise productivity.

Employees, however, are not automatically entitled to work remotely on a permanent basis. You may request a more flexible working arrangement, but employers are allowed to turn it down for business reasons (this includes costs or fears of reduced productivity).

How do I get my workforce back into the office safely?

Should office-based work be necessary, many companies are opting for rotations of teams working in a hybrid fashion - minimising contact with more people, and maximising the ability to retain social distancing. It is crucial to ensure strict hygiene protocols are in place; have sanitisation stations in place, and leave plenty of room between workspaces. Opening windows to allow a current of fresh air to circulate also helps reduce the spread of the virus. It is crucial to remain aware of the current government guidelines in your area and be proactive in taking up any changes that may occur as quickly as possible.

Can I ask employees to make sure they are fully vaccinated?

Should you ask employees to disclose their vaccination status, you must be clear, necessary and transparent on your reasons for doing so. This falls under the protection of ‘Special Category Data’ under UK GDPR guidelines. Should you simply be chacking a hard copy vaccination card or asking if they are vaccinated then asking would fall outside of GDPR and become health privacy. Should you require any form of processing, or retaining the information, then UK GDPR applies.

Reasons for asking for employees for their vaccination status could come under the realm of public task, or legitimate interests - for example, are you attending an event at a private venue that requires proof of vaccination? Do you work in a location where you are likely to encounter those infected with COVID-19? Are you working in a position where you could pose a risk to clinically vulnerable individuals?

Should you decide that you have a reason for recording an employee’s vaccination status, your use for this information must be clear and necessary. You cannot keep this information for ‘just in case’ purposes.

Companies in the UK cannot make decisions about hiring and firing employees based on vaccination status.