Solutions for every employee touchpoint in your business.


We believe at the heart of every business are the employees and, just like the human heart, the centre of the company needs to be healthy, well looked after and valued! That's why at Oberon Solutions we are all about people - we put your business at the centre of all we do, revolving around the individuals that make up your workforce.   


Find the best match

Whether you're hiring an entire team or an exceptional new leader, Oberon Solutions can support all your recruitment requirements. We don't believe in merely accepting a brief and pushing CVs; we focus on getting to know your business and each of our candidates so that we can facilitate the best match and long-standing professional relationships.

If people are the heart of an organisation, then they provide the business with the life it requires to flourish. If you haven’t got the right people working within your company, then ultimately the bottom line suffers.

Achieve the best for everyone

Oberon Solutions will only work with the brightest and the best candidates, focusing on each individuals skills, experience and career goals. We strive to achieve the best for everyone, so it is imperative that we understand not only our candidates but to also have an in-depth understanding of marketplace dynamics in terms of global trends and organisational positioning. 

We will work in close partnership with you to gain a detailed understanding of your organisational culture and values, and provide professional advice on identifying the ideal candidate profiles to match your criteria. To find you the best person for the job, we will work with our established live network, as well as, conduct an Executive Search where required. 


Executive Search

Executive search is most effective when the candidate pool is identifiable, infinite and definable. Executive search is a highly useful tool in sourcing high calibre candidates who may not actively be seeking a career change, however, are attracted to a challenging new opportunity via a direct approach. The team at Oberon Solutions can be relied upon to seek out, connect with and deliver the ‘Crème de la crème’ of talent.


We have a fast-growing reputation, based on working as a trusted and ethical partner to organisations and individuals - we care about your business, your people, your beating heart. 

That's enough about us. We would love to hear more about you! Get in contact today for a friendly chat or to discuss how Oberon Solutions can support you in your recruitment!