Oberon Solutions - Our Story

15th Mar 2019

After a lot of preparation and hard work, we have officially launched Oberon Solutions; with a mission to provide companies with the best HR, Recruitment and Payroll services.

To better introduce our new business, we thought we would tell you who we are and how we came to be Oberon Solutions.

Who are Oberon Solutions?

We are all about people. We understand that people are at the heart of every business; we love building relationships with all key stakeholders and employees to gain an understanding of how a company truly works. That’s why we work with all business functions that involve people – from Recruitment, HR and Payroll. We drum it down to the three Ps:


Our team have worked across all three functions throughout their careers, growing their skillset and expertise to the highest level. There is a clear synergy between Recruitment, HR and Payroll, and by offering all three services, we can ensure we’re providing our clients with an excellent service from a central point.

We leave no gap in the ‘people process’ – from onboarding, processing, performance-monitoring, progressing and paying.

What does Oberon mean?

When we came to develop our brand, we envisioned our business as circular, providing 360-degree support to our clients. We went through a branding workshop and came up with all sorts of names that represented a circular shape or translated as ‘support’. The choices we had on the table just weren't as unique as we were and the options were as vast as the universe, and that’s how we ended up in the solar system!

Looking at the planetary system for brand inspiration was our eureka moment, it was here we discovered Oberon, an orbiting moon.

An orbit is described as, "the path one object in space takes around another." The very nature of a moon orbiting its planet, was the definition of what we do as a business.

We put our clients at the centre, orbiting around them and their business needs, leaving no gap in our journey to support them.

To add to our story further, Oberon is also the name given to the 'King of the Fairies' in Shakespeare's play, "A Midsummer Night’s Dream."

It was of pure coincidence that this was the play our Founder & Director, George Reed, had studied at university. And although he’s not of Shakespearean royalty, the name Oberon was rather fitting of George’s gregarious character and the rest of the vibrant team.

We're 'over the moon' to have officially launched Oberon Solutions, and we look forward to using our 'magic' touch in all we do for our clients.

If you require full-orbiting support for your business, then please get in touch.