Benefits of outsourcing the recruitment process: what to expect

9th Nov 2021

What does it mean to outsource the recruitment process?

This service is usually referred to as recruitment process outsourcing or RPO. This means that a business outsources the recruitment process by hiring a recruitment specialist to allow themselves to focus all of their efforts on their business while still receiving excellent candidates when they need them.

Why do businesses outsource their recruitment process?

Finding the best-qualified candidate takes time and specialist insight, whether for a long-term or contract position. Employment markets are highly competitive, with companies battling to attract top talent.

Businesses that hire the right recruits see improvements in their offering, their growth, their customer service and their company culture. By investing in streamlined recruitment, they can also reduce their staff turnover rates and the associated costs of repeat recruitment.

The recruitment process takes businesses an average of 27 days but can take significantly longer.

A typical recruitment process includes researching competing industry packages, developing detailed job descriptions, researching prospective candidates, pre-interview vetting, formal interview, job offer, salary negotiation and onboarding. Often, companies don't have the time or expertise necessary to source top talent effectively.

What service can you expect when working with a job recruiter?

Oberon Solutions' all-inclusive recruitment service covers the entire process from initial briefing to final onboarding. We help you save valuable time and resources so your team can focus on it’s area of expertise.

Whether you need to make a strategic hire or want a new team member to supplement your growth strategy, we partner with you and follow a detailed process to source the ideal candidate.

Benefits of outsourcing the recruitment and selection process to a top recruiter like Oberon Solutions


Oberon Solutions agree on a timeframe for sourcing your ideal candidate before the start of the recruitment process. This can vary from two weeks to six months, depending on the position's seniority and skillset scarcity. With Oberon taking on the recruitment process, the client is free to spend their valuable time working on the significant parts of their business and doing work for their customers/clients, while still receiving the most high-quality candidates.


With insight into an extensive set of multi-sector global and local job markets, Oberon Solutions can advise on competitive salary rates, career expectations, skillset scarcity and current hiring complexities.

Working with a rich pool of talent, we are constantly building connections with your industry's best and brightest. That means, when an opportunity arises, we know just who to reach and how to reach them, even the most selective candidates.


Attracting talent requires visibility. Understanding how to reach potential candidates plays a significant part in attracting them to a role. Our talent acquisition team regularly evaluates the latest digital trends including candidate engagement metrics, competitive intelligence, social media analytics and digital sourcing strategies, so that we can keep our clients informed.


Oberon Solutions anticipates our clients' future hiring needs by nurturing candidate relationships. That means we can often respond to short and mid-term demand, whilst retaining a long-term vision. This means that when a client needs a candidate because of an unforeseen circumstance we can offer someone of high quality, as quickly as possible, and we try to always have someone in mind for possible future changes.


While Oberon Solutions works closely with our clients, candidates work directly for the end client and will join their payroll. We take a one-off fee in exchange for an employee placement once the candidate has been formally appointed.

How do Oberon’s recruitment services work?

As a flexible consultancy, we can help you with recruitment whether that be contingency recruitment or retained search.


What is contingency recruitment?

Contingency recruitment means that a client chooses a third party to find an ideal candidate but the third party will only be paid if the chosen candidate is hired.

Oberon will get paid a fixed percentage fee if a candidate they find is hired by the organisation, so you can be sure we’re working our hardest to offer the best candidates. This fee will be paid on the candidate’s start date.


What is retained search?

Retained search is when clients choose a third party to carry out their external search interests. The third-party will help work to determine the ideal profile, experience and characteristics of the client’s desired candidate.

With Oberon’s retained search service, a percentage of the agreed fee is paid up-front, with the remainder payable upon the successful appointment of a candidate. If we don't complete the assignment, the payment is refunded in full. Oberon Solutions has an impressive fill rate of 88%.


Which recruitment method is best for you? Whilst each option has its unique set of benefits, our clients have the reassurance that we will do everything in our power to fill their vacancy, regardless of the service selected.

Generally, contingency recruitment can be a less expensive option. It is a non-exclusive contract, meaning clients are free to brief a number of potential recruiters. However, this lack of exclusivity can often see the same candidate targeted by multiple recruiters, which can sometimes leave a poor impression.

Where possible, we would recommend selecting our retained search service. This allows us to work together in a close partnership. Oberon Solutions becomes an extension of your team, allowing us to get to know your requirements and company culture in intimate detail.

Final thoughts on outsourcing the recruitment process

Finding the right candidate for the job can make a major difference for organisations of every size and across every sector. Whether expanding your team to achieve strategic goals or selecting top talent to refine your offering, you must find someone with the right fit.

Much more than rifling through CVs, Oberon Solutions takes the time to get to know both you and prospective candidates, ensuring we find a recruit who will gel well with your team and help you reach your goals.


Interested in receiving simple full-service recruiting from Oberon Solutions? Get in touch with our team to arrange a confidential discussion.